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P Járnsaxa vom Gorka

b.H.O.T. breeder Handler owner trained

I am excited to introduce my upcoming young female, Saxa. Saxa is EMBARK tested CLEAR, DM-N/N NORMAL, SV - PRELIMINARY EVALUATIONS are excellent, with normal hips, elbows, spine, and OCD negative. This spicy little female, has wiggled her little snout into my heart. At eight months old,  she is showing a very sweet personality, high prey drive, good grips, medium-high food drive, and awesome biddability for the ball. She is quick, dynamic, and takes her work very seriously. She is looking like she is a 'one' handler type dog, she has bonded with me to the point where the bond is unbreakable, she will jump into my lap, and flop on her side into my chest and neck area, and will hug me, and lay like this with me for long periods of time. In obedience training, I have to watch how I reward, and how I lure her, because she is a shark, not a dog, but a shark when taking food. She is very handler oriented, and works to please. She is neutral around people, and friendly with people she knows, she is neutral with other dogs, and social with dogs that are familiar. Her environmental awareness is excellent, and she has no issues with strange surfaces and new venues and or loud sounds. Very stable female, can settle in the house easily, and will be a fun sport dog.

Health Testing


EMBARK CLEAR, DM-N/N, AW/A, (Carries Black) S/S (Stock Coat)




SG Is'so aus der Wallapampa, AD, FPR1, IFH-V

Is'so was imported from Germany, and brings excellent WGWL, West German Working Line blood to my kennel. He is a high prey drive dog, with superior workability, especially suitable for IGP Sport, Police Work, and SAR Search & Rescue. He has genetic crushing, full grips, outstanding drives, and zero handler aggression. SV DNA on FILE, fully health tested.


SG Dalek's Delsi vom Gorka, AD, UPR1, FPR1, TD

Delsi was bred by me, and is sired by Kazan out of my Ossa. Delsi comes from primarily Czech working lines and some West German working lines. She is dominant, intense, and powerful female with civil drive in protection work. She settles easily in my home, and is one of my most loyal dogs; neutral with people and other dogs. Excellent with children.

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