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SG Griffin vom Gorka

B.H.O.T. Breeder Handler Owner Trained

Griffin, call name 'Fin' has all the gears a sport hander, or SAR handler needs to get the job done. From genetic grips, naturally calm, always full, to loads of prey drive and workability to boot, to excellent forward aggression desirable on the protection field. Fin was bred by me here at Kojec vom Gorka. She is in training for IGP sport and has her official health certifications from Germany, 'A' stamped HD/ED Normal, LTV 1, OCD Negative. She is suitable for TOP sport, and is one of the sweetest dogs in my pack, with an excellent, social, and outgoing temperament ideal for any active family, or loving companion home. Fin, was sired by one of Canada's best, V Bolle vom Drachenwolf, IGP3, KKL, who was Canada's top scoring dog in 2021, and placed 3rd at the GSSCC Canadian National's in 2022, earning a spot on team Canada WUSV 2022, in Denmark.

Fin completed her AD, Endurance test, and her entry level obedience and temperament test the BH-VT, winning the HIGH in BH Award! Fin's joyful expression in her obedience make her a an absolute joy to work with!

Health Testing





EMBARK CLEAR, AW/A (Carries Black) S/S (Stock Coat)

Height: 59cm

Weight: 34kg


V Bolle vom Drachenwolf, IGP3, KKL, WUSV

Bolle was imported from Germany, and was the GSSCC Canadian Nationals 3rd place finisher, WUSV 2022 participant, and GSSCC Western Regionals Champion, as well as Canada's No.1 Ranked dog TWICE in a row, 2021 and 2022.



SG Go Go Ossa von Wendelin, AD, IPO2, TDX

Ossa comes from West German and Czech working lines, and was my first sport dog, earning 1st place in IPO1, and IPO2, and competing at the 2019 GSSCC Prairie Regional Championships, IPO1. Ossa is currently nine years old, retired, living the life on my couch. She is healthy, and going strong, always full of energy.

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Puppy Prey Drive, Full, calm, hard bite

bark and hold igp training, guarding the decoy.

igp foundations
Long Attack - courage test

BH-VT Routine
20 months old

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