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Beezie madden vom kampfgeistes

Welcome to the KVG family!  Beezie Madden vom Kampfgeistes.

Beezie is truly a special female who exhibits all the talent and potential for a superior working dog. She can excel in any discipline and carries very special bloodlines that produced a lot of the top dogs of today. At only 4 months old, she exhibits strong, hard, calm, full grips, extreme food drive, excellent toy drive, extreme prey drive. In addition to being extremely confident, outgoing, and social with people, she truly is, a very special female.

Beezie’s sire is Gator vom Haus Velipoja, bred by Frank Lushi. Gator has excellent health, and scored OFA HD-Excellent, ED-Normal, DM-N/N. Gator was sired by the legendary SG Olsen vom Leipheimer Moor, SchH3, OFA HD-Excellent, bred by the legend himself, Elmar Mannes. Olsen vom Leipheimer Moor was imported to Canada by Doug Deacon, now a retired GSSCC judge, as an 8-week-old puppy and was worked by Dorwin Anderson, owner of Kennel von Albi, now a GSSCC and CWDC judge. According to Dorwin, Olsen was the toughest and most powerful dog he has ever worked, and therefore, Olsen was used in his breeding program as well, where he produced Endi vom Alpha who went on to produce Alvis vom Albi, a dog that Dorwin took to the world’s, WUSV 2003.

Beezie’s sire, Gator himself, was professionally trained by a world level handler, Roland Haselmaier of the famous Kennel vom Haus Pixner. Roland described Gator as a hard dog, with good drives, and solid nerves, resembling the ‘old type’ WGWL dogs.

Beezie’s dam is G Evi von Frankonia, AD, IPO1, SV HD-Normal, ED-Normal, LTV-0, OCD-Negative, DM A/N. Evi was imported from Europe, and brought to Canada by the owner of Kennel vom Kampfgeistes. I absolutely adore Evi’s sire, G Gary vom Weinbergblick, SchH3, who was bred by a superb kennel in Austria, that utilized the blood of Mona vom Haus Pixner, a sister littermate to Mary vom Haus Pixner. The famous M litter sisters were foundation females who produced many top dogs of today and can be found in many top pedigrees. Evi is described as a female with extreme prey drive, endless energy, and a social character towards people.

Beezie will be in training for IGP3, and will be bred to an outside stud when the time is right.

health testing

OFA Preliminary HD: TBA

OFA Preliminary ED: TBA 

Embark: DM-A/N, Coat: AT/A, S/S


Gator vom Haus Velipoja

OFA HD: Excellent

OFA ED: Normal


G Evi von Frankonia, AD, IPO1

SV HD: Normal

SV ED: Normal


SV DNA: Tested


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