"J" Litter - DUE: DECEMBER 15TH

*All puppies will be aw/a, dark sable in color, and carry the black recessive coat trait, and standard stock coat.

Breeding took place October 11th - Litter Due: December 15th

5,5-5 - SG Olex de Valsory, SCHH3, 1st Place, SV LGA (LG12) 2002 

5-5 - G Orla von der Schiffslache, SCHH1 



Thank you to "SV-Zwinger aus der Wallapampa" in Germany for announcing and sharing this mating! It is an honor to continue these bloodlines!


About this Breeding:

Okay! After numerous changes, I am excited to finally announce confirmed plans for the 'J' Litter breeding coming up early November. Finding the right sire, and most suitable mate, is not an easy task, and one that I take great care to choose, as I am keeping a female back from this breeding to contribute to my kennel program. The female must be bred to the best of my knowledge and ability, and I am relieved, and thrilled, to have finally decided to go with SG Is'so aus der Wallapampa, AD, BH-VT, FPR1, IFH-V, SV: HD/ED Normal, DM: N/DM.

SG Is'so aus der Wallapampa, AD, BH-VT, FPR1, IFH-V, is a medium sized male with excellent drives in all areas. He is a serious, and active dog in protection, exhibits excellent prey drive and hunt drive, making him suitable for any line of work, such as IGP sport, SAR, Scent Detection, and Security Border Patrol. He has full, hard, calm grips, and exhibits excellent work-ability. He is not handler aggressive, and neutral around people. His sire, Eros von Schloß Bothmer, was twice 3rd place at SV LG-FCI (LG20) 2018 - IPO 3, and SV LG-FCI (LG20) 2017 - IPO 3. Is'so sire line goes back to Germany's best known producers, such as Kinski von Heidhof, Sid vom Haus Pixner, and Karn vom Fegelhof. These dogs are absolutely amazing, well known males that are sought after in top pedigrees. Is'so dam line, is equally impressive, his dam qualified for German SAR Nationals three times, and placed 2nd two years in a row! She is not only an impressive scent dog, but she was also sired by Crok aus der Wallapampa who has not only some impressive scores:

VPGI: 98-96-98
DH-PO 2010: 97-96-94
DH-PO 2011: 100-97-96
DH-PO 2013: 98-94-100

DH-PO 2014: 97-94-98

But, also his videos of this work are equally impressive! A must watch. Not to mention, THREE litter-mates to Is'so are active/retired Police K9's! (Click the link to see his litter mates.)

 This mating pair will produce dark sables only, short hair, stock coat puppies. 

The mating outcome is a 5,5-5 on SG Olex de Valsory, SCHH3, 1st Place, SV LGA (LG12) 2002, and a 5-5 on G Orla von der Schiffslache, SCHH1, a dam out of the one and only, famous Connie vom Körnerplatz! (Connie is a well known producer of some top dogs.) As for Olex de Valsory, I cannot sum him up myself, however this forum link will provide enough insight on the type of dog he was; https://www.germanshepherds.com/threads/olex-de-valsory.90962/

(If the link does not work just copy and paste into a Google search bar.

Combined with Delsi, who I bred myself, and please see her page for more information, I expect the litter to have an off-switch when in the house, excellent temperament around children and adults, as well as other animals. Delsi loves children and visitors to our home, she is not aggressive towards small dogs, other dogs, or other animals, she has a strong herding instinct, and is pack oriented. She comes from a strong line of talented tracking dogs, and paired with Is'so, they should produce puppies with balanced drives, and solid nerves.

I expect the litter to have high working drive, suitable for high level sport, law enforcement, security, detection, SAR, and suitable for experienced companion homes who aim to train their dog in other various dog sports such as dock diving.

This breeding will be a blend of Czech working lines, and German working lines (3/4 WGWL).

Is'so aus der Wallapampa, AD, BH-VT, FPR1, IFH-V
Hunt Drive - Tracking - 2022
Is'so aus der Wallapampa, AD, BH-VT, FPR1, IFH-V
Search Work - 2022