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Breeding PLans for 2023


Okay. Here we go for 2023, I am pretty sure these two litter plans will go ahead, and are mostly confirmed. Both litters are fully health tested (hips, elbows, degenerative myelopathy, transitional vertebrae, EMBARK), and are suitable for breeding. The progeny will be of WGWL lineage, with a bit of Czech/Slovak infusion. Both litters will produce sable puppies, and the summer litter from Griffin will also produce pure black puppies. Both litters will be stock coat, and suitable for IGP sport, Search and Rescue, PSA sport, CKC sports, Ring sports, and some puppies will be available to EXPERIENCED companion/family homes. Both litters will produce puppies that are unsuitable for a first time GSD owner, unless of course, the owner is a K9 trainer, and or in a K9/Sport training group with available support. If inquiring about a puppy from these breedings for family and or companionship, please describe your prior experience with the working line GSD dog. ***Both litters will be extensively tested by me, and I will place puppies with priority given to sport, service, and experienced or highly motivated homes. 

***Griffin will trial for her BH-VT/AD this spring, and both Delsi and Griffin will attend the Sieger show to earn their show ratings. Griffin will continue her training for IGP after her first litter. Delsi is retired from sport due to a broken jaw accident in '22 but will get her show rating in an OPEN FEMALE class, as well as complete a ZAP/WB character test if it is available in Canada this year.

***The second litter, winter litter from Delsi, is a repeat breeding from '22. Delsi and Is'so produced a litter of 6 males and 2 female in December 2022, all puppies sable, dark sable, and black sable in pigmentation. The litter was very consistent in terms of prey drive, with a couple puppies being lower drive and suitable for experienced family homes. The litter in general, had kind, sweet, loyal, and loving temperaments, with genetic prey aggression, and high food drive for ease of training. Therefore, it is a no brainer for me to repeat this superb litter plan. Puppies from this litter went to IGP sport homes, SAR homes, CKC tracking homes, and Experienced family homes.

***The summer litter with Griffin, will be her first litter, and I expect nothing but exceptional quality puppies suitable for any active lifestyle, with strong suitability for top level sport.

Both females live in my home, and among my pack, and are two of my sweetest girls. Both possess strong drives, stable temperaments, and are very good environmentally wise. Surfaces, gun shots, and fireworks are a non-issue among all of my dogs.

Call Ewa 250.919.9686 to talk dogs!!!

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