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KVG Dogs in Sport, service, and home

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Below are pictures of all of the dogs bred here at KVG since 2014. All dogs are loved, happy, and healthy. KVG dogs are taking part in a variety of sporting activities, from CKC Rally Obedience, to CKC Tracking, Barn Hunt, Scent Detection, to IGP sport, Personal Protection Professional Training Programs, Search and Rescue, to of course, Family Companions. The oldest "A" litter, is turning 7 years old this coming year! From all of the dogs bred here, I have rehomed 6 dogs due to a variety of circumstances. The 6 dogs that were rehomed, could have not found a better forever new home! I keep in touch with as many puppy owners as possible, and check on all the dogs every few years or so. This year, I contacted my A litter owners, to see how everyone is doing. Breeding is a lifetime responsibility, and there is not a day that goes by, where I don't think about how my puppies are doing in their homes.

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