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N - Litter: D.O.B - TBA (July 27th'ish)
***All weekly updates including photos will be posted here!
This is a first breeding for this pair. Geir, is a littermate to my female Griffin. Geir was bred here at KVG kennels, and as a puppy, exhibited a very strong nature, extreme confidence, and forward drive. He is currently in training for IGP, and has exhibited nothing short of greatness on the competition field. He is a social dog, friendly, outgoing, safe around children and other animals, except he carries this amazing engine, that can be put into gear at any given moment. We selected Neyki as his breeding mate, as she compliments him beautifully. A small, yet agile, fast, and powerful female, Neyki was imported from Austria, to contribute her genetics to this plan. She may be short, but nothing short of TOP level competition dog. Neyki is also social, friendly, great with children and other people. Puppies from this litter, will make you beam with pride on the training field. 

Due Date: July 31st
Arrival in Canada: September 25th (TBA)

(KVG personnel will be driving to the Eastern USA to pick up and bring this beautiful litter home to KVG Kennels.)
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