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*All dogs sold are sold on a non-breeding agreement until health tested, SV/OFA certified, and PROVEN in working ability.

*Available dogs/puppies are selected by the breeder and client together. Puppies going to working homes are given priority in the selection process.

"Breeding Rights"

-Breeding rights cannot be  bought, rather must be earned. Anyone can buy breeding rights, but not everyone knows how to use them ethically, or in accordance to the standard of the working dog. To breed, one must gain the training experience, handling experience, and testing experience necessary to understand the breeding requirements. If not otherwise involved deeply in the heart of dog sport, dog service training, or law enforcement training, one cannot begin to understand these requirements necessary to breed a German Shepherd. A breeder's responsibility to the progeny it produces, is great. A breeder is held accountable for every puppy bred, sold, and rehomed; no amount of money can buy the breeder's ethical character, therefore no amount of money should buy breeding rights. Health test your dog, train your dog, show your dog, title your dog, and learn what it takes first; don't be part of the back yard breeding problem, be part of the solution. This is how. -E.Gorka


*All KVG dogs are CKC, Canadian Kennel Club registered; health certified by a veterinarian, tattooed in their left year , dewormed, vaccinated, insured for a 45 day trial period, and temperament tested prior to departure to new homes. Pictures of puppies are updated weekly on the day that which they were born.  All KVG dogs and puppies are fed a raw and natural diet, and sold on a non-breeding contract until proven in working ability. Breeding rights are given to trainers involved in Schutzhund, or Protection sports only. *Breeders looking to breed for size, colour, show, without actually training their dogs need not apply. Call Ewa at 250-919-9686 for more information.

*Air Shipping via West Jet within Canada $650CND
(Airfare, Kennel, Fit to Fly Health Certification, Ground Transport)
(Will ship puppies at 8 weeks old!)

*Air Shipping via West Jet to the US $1500.00CND
(Airfare, Kennel, Fit to Fly Health Certification, Ground Transport)
(Will ship puppies at 12-16 weeks old!)


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