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Dalek's Delsi vom gorka, ad, IGP BH-VT, TD

B.H.O.t (Breeder, Handler, Owner, Trained)

A phenomenal, loyal, companion, Delsi has the most loving temperament, and extreme loyalty towards her family, and her handler. She has very good workability, and always wants to please in everything that she does. Her desire to work comes from the bond and relationship with her handler, and this bond is what ignites her drives and workability. She has superior conformation, excellent prey drive, and bounds of forward aggression for protection work. Delsi was trained at K9 Utility Cranbrook Working Dog Club, and prepared for the titles of IGP1 and IGP2, however, Delsi endured a major surgery for a broken lower mandible, as a result of an accident in training, and  a result of a slab fracture in one of her molars prior to trial. Her six hour surgery was successful and she has made a complete recovery, however, is retired from sport. Delsi will participate in tracking competition only, when she is not being a Mum. 


Health Testing




DM-N/N, AW/AW, (Dominant Sable) S/L (Stock Coat/Carries Long)


SG Kazan von Wendelin, AD, IGP BH, FPR1, TDX, Security K9

Kazan comes from old border patrol lines developed in Czechoslovakia by the Czech government, Kennel Z Pohranicni straze. He was raised by Waldy Gorka and trained by me until his retirement as a working security dog for a private company. Kazan is semi-retired, and will be used in our program if the need arises. He is available for stud to approved females who are fully health tested.


SG Go Go Ossa von Wendelin, AD, IPO2, TDX

Ossa comes from West German and Czech working lines, and was my first sport dog,  earning 1st place in IPO1, at GSSCC Prairie Regional Championships, and 1st place in IPO2 at K9 Force Summer Trial. She is fully retired now, and healthy as ever at nine years of age.

2016-09-22 18.22.38.png

engagement and prey drive


IGP protection
long attack

metre jump

IGP protection
post work

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